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Embassy American

US Consulate General – Canada

November 7, 2021

US Consulate General – Canada



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Address: 1969 Upper Water St #904, Halifax, NS B3J 3R7, Canada


Telephone: +1 902-429-2480

Hours: 8:30AM to 5:00PM


US Consulate General – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Canada – get my passport

If you’re interested in applying for an visa and are looking for a visa, the Visa and Immigration Services department of the U.S Embassy in Canada offers many options. There are many questions you may ask when applying for a visa. Be sure to answer each one before you make your application. You can either mail your request for visa and complete forms to the US Consulate or visit them in person to apply for your visa. There are a variety of procedures to be followed to apply for an immigrant visa . need to check the official website for more information.

Submitting fingerprints and photos is the first step of the process of applying for a visa. It is usually done at the nearest embassy. It takes approximately two weeks for visa approval when your fingerprints and photographs appear to be complete. Once you’ve been granted a visa, it will permit you to board a plane to fly to any destination across the globe.

Another procedure that is common is marriage connected. You can also utilize an official marriage certificate or a relationship certificate from your ex-spouse while you reside in the USA to start the application process. The Federal Register will publish your application’s results in a few months. You do not have to wait until you have approval if you travel to another country.

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