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Embassy American

Embassy of the United States – Fiji

November 7, 2021

Embassy of the United States – Fiji



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Address: 158 Princess Road, Tamavua, Suva, Fiji


Telephone: +679 331 4466

Hours: 8AM to 5:30PM


Embassy of the United States – Suva, Fiji – Fiji – possible procedures

If you’re interested in receiving an visa then the Visa and Immigration Services department in the U.S Embassy in Fiji provides many options. There are many questions you may ask when applying for a visa. Make sure you answer all of them before you send in your application. Send your visa application along with the completed forms to the US Consulate or visit them in person in order to apply for a Visa. If you want to apply for an Immigrant Visa, there are a variety of methods to follow. Visit the official website to learn more.

The first step to visa application is to submit fingerprints as well as photographs. This is usually done by visiting the nearest embassy. It can take up to two weeks for visa approval in the event that your fingerprints and pictures are clear. Once you have been approved, your visa will allow you to take a plane for travel to any country across the globe.

Another popular procedure is marriage-related. For the initial application you’ll need to possess a marriage or relationship declaration from your spouse that is currently living in the USA. It will take several months for the outcome of your application to be published in the Federal Register. It is not necessary to worry about waiting periods in case you intend to visit another country. It is possible to submit a visa application within one month.

Hotels near the United States the embassy

Then click the following link to view the closest hotels near the embassy.,178.43959,15z?hl=en

Food that is high quality.

If you’ve found the perfect place to dine and in a nutritious way, and without worry about improper food handling, you can recommend these places for eating near the embassy.,178.43959,15z?hl=en

Banks and ATMs within the region

Traveling in the absence of cash is a concern. But finishing a procedure will require money. Therefore, to ensure it is not possible to stray within the consulate, we suggest the banks with ATMs.,178.43959,15z?hl=en