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Embassy American

Embassy of the United States of America – Belize

November 7, 2021

Embassy of the United States of America – Belize



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Address: Belmopanβ€Ž, Belize


Telephone: +501 822-4011

Hours: 8.00AM-4:30PM


Embassy of the United States of America – Belmopan, Belize – Belize – get a visa

If you’re interested in getting an visa, the Visa and Immigration Services department located at the U.S Embassy in Belize provides a variety of options. You may have many questions in the process of applying for visas. Make sure you answer all of them prior to send in your application. To apply for your visa, you can mail your request with the filled out forms. You can also visit the US Consulate General. To apply for an immigrant Visa, there are a variety of methods to follow. You can visit the official website to find out more.

The submission of fingerprints and photographs is the first step of a visa application. It is usually done through the nearest Embassy. Visa approval may take up to two weeks depending on whether your fingerprints are authentic and your photos are clear. Once you’ve been approved, your visa can allow you to take a plane and travel to any nation anywhere in the world.

Another common procedure involves marriage related. If you have a marriage or relationship certificate with your ex-spouse while being in the USA You can utilize that certificate to begin the application process. It could take several months before the Federal Register publishes the results of your application. It is not necessary to worry about waiting time if you are planning to travel to another nation. It is possible to submit a visa application in just one month.

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