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Embassy American

Embassy of the United States of America – Kazakhstan

November 7, 2021

Embassy of the United States of America – Kazakhstan



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Address: Raqymjan Qoshqarbayev Ave 3, Nur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan


Telephone: +7 7172 70 21 00

Hours: 8AM to 5:00PM


Embassy of the United States of America – Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan – passport

If you are interested in getting an visa then the Visa and Immigration Services department in the U.S Embassy in Kazakhstan offers a variety of options. There are many questions you may ask when applying for a visa. You must answer each one before you submit your application. You can either mail your request for visa and complete forms to the US Consulate or visit them in person in order to apply for a Visa. There are several steps that must be followed to apply for an immigrant visa . must check the official site for details.

Submitting fingerprints and photos is the first step of an application for a visa. This is usually done by visiting the nearest embassy. If your fingerprints and photographs seem to be correct and correct, it takes about two weeks for visa approval. After approval, you’ll be able to use your new visa to board a plane and travel to any destination in the world.

Another option is marriage-related. If you have an official marriage certificate or relationship document with your ex-spouse while being in the USA then you can use that certificate to begin the application process. The Federal Register will publish your result within a couple of months. There is no need to be concerned about waiting times in case you intend to visit a different country. It is possible to apply for a visa in just one month.

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