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Embassy American

Embassy of the United States of America – Ireland

November 7, 2021

Embassy of the United States of America – Ireland



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Address: 42 Elgin Rd, Dublin 4, D04 TP03, Ireland


Telephone: +353 1 668 8777

Hours: 9AM to 5PM


Embassy of the United States of America – Dublin 4, Ireland – Ireland – visa

The Visa and Immigration Services office at the U.S. Embassy in Ireland offers a number of options to those seeking an visa. There are many questions you may ask in the process of applying for visas. Be sure to answer every one of them prior to submit your request. Either mail your visa request and completed forms to the US Consulate or visit the Consulate in person to apply for your Visa. There are a variety of steps to be followed to apply for an immigrant visa and you must check the official site for further details.

Step one in visa applications is to submit a photo and fingerprints. It is usually done at the nearest embassy. The approval process for visas can take about two weeks depending on whether your fingerprints are authentic and photos are clear. After approval, you’ll be able to utilize your new visa to travel on a plane and go to any country in the world.

Another procedure that is common involves being connected. You can also utilize the marriage certificate or the relationship declaration from your ex-spouse during the time you are in the USA to start the process of applying. It could take several months for the outcome of your application to be announced in the Federal Register. If you are planning to visit a different country and you are not required to wait for the waiting time since you can get a visa in less than a month.

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