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Embassy American

U.S. Embassy – Russia

November 7, 2021

U.S. Embassy – Russia



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Address: Bolshoy Devyatinsky Ln, 8, Moscow, Russia, 121099


Telephone: +7 495 728-50-00

Hours: 9AM to 6PM


U.S. Embassy – Presnensky District, Moscow, Russia – Russia – obtain a visa

If you’re thinking of receiving an visa and are looking for a visa, the Visa and Immigration Services department located at the U.S Embassy in Russia offers various options. There are often many questions to be answered in the visa application process. Before you submit your application for a visa, make sure all inquiries have been answered. You can mail your visa request along with the completed forms, or you can visit the US Consulate General to submit your visa. To apply for an immigrant Visa, there’s a range of procedures. It is possible to visit the official website for more.

The first step for visa applications is to submit photographs and fingerprints. You can submit them by going to the nearest Embassy. The approval process for visas can take about 2 weeks in the event that your fingerprints match and your photographs are clear. Once approved, you will be able to utilize your new visa to board a plane and travel to any country around the world.

Another common procedure is marriage related. In order to start the application process it is necessary to have a marriage certification from your spouse who is currently living in the USA. The Federal Register will publish your result within a couple of months. There’s no reason to worry about waiting time in case you intend for a trip to another country. You can apply for a visa only one month.

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Then click this link to see the nearest hotels to the Embassy.

Transferring from one location to another involves a great expense. This can be minimized by staying in a hotel close to the government office. We’ve picked the most reputable hotels near the embassy . We’ll show this list to in the vicinity of the US American embassy,37.5791587,15z?hl=en

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Your visa or passport is waiting too long? Do you want to try these restaurants within a radius of 1,000 meters.,37.5791587,15z?hl=en

ATMs on the outer edges of US institution. ATMs are the closest to the institution.

If you are in search of an ATM, we encourage you to use the following link where you will find all banks that are located around the establishment.,37.5791587,15z?hl=en