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Embassy American

U.S. Embassy in Venezuela – Venezuela

November 10, 2021

U.S. Embassy in Venezuela – Venezuela


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Address: F St, C. Suapure, Caracas 1080, Miranda, Venezuela


Telephone: +58 212-9756411

Hours: 8AM to 5PM


U.S. Embassy in Venezuela – Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela – Venezuela – quick procedures

The Visa and Immigration Services office located at the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela provides several options for those seeking an visa. There are many questions you may ask throughout the process of applying for a visa. You must answer every one of them prior to submit your request. Send your visa application and complete forms to the US Consulate or visit them in person to make an application for your Visa. There are many procedures to be followed when applying for an immigration visa. You need to check the official website for further details.

The first step for visa application is to present fingerprints and photos. This can usually be done at the nearest embassy. If your fingerprints and photographs appear to be complete and accurate, it takes approximately two weeks to get visa approval. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to use your new visa for boarding a plane, and travel to any destination in the world.

Another common procedure is marriage related. To begin the application process, you will need to have a marriage declaration from your spouse that is currently residing in the USA. It can take several months for the results of your application to be published in the Federal Register. You don’t have to be concerned about waiting times if you are planning for a trip to another country. It is possible to apply for a visa in just one month.

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