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Embassy American

US Embassy – Samoa

November 7, 2021

US Embassy – Samoa



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Address: Beach Rd, Apia, Samoa


Telephone: –

Hours: 8.00AM-4:30PM


US Embassy – Apia, Samoa – Samoa – formalities

If you’re Samoa visa applicants, there are a variety of alternatives available through the Visa and Immigration Services Office of the U.S. Embassy in Samoa. You might have a variety of questions in the process of applying for visas. You must answer each one before you make your application. To apply for your visa send in your request along with the filled out forms. You can also visit the US Consulate General. In order to apply for an immigrant Visa, there are a variety of procedures. Visit the official website to find out more.

The submission of fingerprints and photographs is the initial step to submit a visa application. This can usually be done at the closest Embassy. If your fingerprints, photos and fingerprints are complete and accurate, it takes around two weeks for visa approval. When your visa is granted, you can use the new visa to board a plane and travel to any destination around the world.

Another option is to be married related. If you own the marriage or relationship certificates with your former spouse while living in the USA and you are able to use this document to begin the application process. It can take several months for the outcome of your application to be released in the Federal Register. You don’t have to worry about waiting time for those who plan to travel to another nation. It is possible to submit a visa application only one month.

We suggest these hotels that are located in a convenient zone.

If you’re concerned about where you will spend your night, don’t be concerned. There are a number of lodgings and accommodations to the Embassy.,-171.7699055,15z?hl=en

Locate your top local restaurant

Do you find your passport or visa slowing you down? This is why we recommend these eateries with a radius of at least 1000 meters.,-171.7699055,15z?hl=en

ATMs on periphery that are part of the US institution. The nearest ATMs

ATMs offer a viable alternative when you’re short of money. So if you are close to the United States embassy, you will be able to go to:,-171.7699055,15z?hl=en